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I am a somewhat obsessive genealogist who enjoys writing, photography and puzzles.  I live in Australia.

As a child I was inspired by British history.  As a young adult I enjoyed the United States portrayals of their own history in movies and books, including fictional representations such as Westerns.  The United States, like England and Ireland, have built a rich culture around factual events and legends.  When I was young, I felt that Australia had failed to do the same.  We tend to view our own history as being very cut-and-dried, too recent for interest, too tedious for stories. Too controversial to admit to.

Why? On the first three points I really can’t imagine.  Australia has a fascinating past.  The story is not always nice. No country’s story is always nice and this is something we need to acknowledge when researching.  I hope to learn how to confront the bad in the most respectful way, while presenting the best.

This blog is a mix of my personal family history, my Genealogical DNA experiences and present day aspects of history which I find interesting.  I’m writing it for anyone who finds it, but hope I have details in here which are useful to fellow genealogists and maybe those with an interest in Australian history.

I draw the curtain at around 1900-present day except in specific circumstances where I have permission to discuss a more recent event. In general, I use a fictitious name or nickname for someone living if I need to reference them, and I have made this clear when I do so.

Australia is a beautiful and varied continent.  The majority of photographs shown in my blog are my own. Where I have used other people’s, I have attributed as they desired.  A few family members asked not to be attributed publicly at all.

South East coast Tasmania near Devil's Kitchen

South East coast Tasmania near Devil’s Kitchen

I have a strong interest in history and hope to study it one day.   I love the heat and hate the cold although I admit the cold allows for excellent photographs.  I think best while writing so I end up writing a lot.   I like to travel and love to explore places I have never been.  I also love to explore ruins and isolated cemeteries – and I photograph them all.

I don’t believe there is a boring person on the planet – certainly not a boring ancestor!

At present, I write a blog post when I have time and when I feel like doing so.  This results in an erratic schedule. I’m trying to write at least one a week but it depends on life …. when I have a day home, I tend to write a few posts at once and might publish them one each day.

Despite the blog, the family trees posted all over the net and the various forum posts, I’m actually a rather reclusive person. I’ve posted a photograph of myself because lately I’ve enjoyed seeing what other people look like.  Maybe those who read my blog are the same.  The picture is about five years old now but I prefer it to more recent ones.

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  1. Just read your description of your likes and habits and was not surprised to see they are the same as mine. Same family blood and we both do ancestor search (actually I research every thing and anything ) I like to get my facts right, and love ♥♥♥ history and people. I also photograph a lot but mainly children and animals, birds. I hate the cold (left tassie) love the heat (live brisbane) love puzzles and have travelled a lot (but only around Australia I have no wish to go elsewhere the best is here) I have seen a lot of videos and documentaries on other countries and read their histories. Love doing ruins and old buildings, and done the headstones. Amazing comparison but we do have the same dna and we did grow up in the same era in the same state. All the best Lyn

  2. Hello i was just sent your link about “scotch bella” i can fill in some missing information about her and reaching Adelaide. She was definately an intersting character.